Neil Thompson  - Regional Director of ITV News

'Nicola's diligent journalism will be much missed by Calendar but it was not just her editorial contribution but her personality and manner that made all those working around her feel that the cup on the days she worked was half full!'

Martin Curry – Producer/Director

‘Stephen is an excellent lighting cameraman based in Cheshire.  I can spot his footage in fast forward.  The lighting is gorgeous and he’s very smooth when he goes hand held. I’m always pleased to edit his work as the job of making a programme look good is three quarters done.`


Jim Richardson - Chair RTS Yorkshire Centre Awards

As a nominee for the Presenter of the Year category of the 2006 RTS Yorkshire Centre Awards, the judges liked Nicola's exuberance and engaging and cheeky on-screen style which she has tailored to fit her speciality as Entertainment Correspondent. In the final analysis, the judges had to decide which of the nominees was most professional, who could best deliver the essentials of a story and who could best create an atmosphere of excitement. Nicola amply delivered on all counts and was a very worthy winner."

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