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Applehead Media was launched by Stephen and Nicola Sands in 2007.  Between them they have more than forty years experience in the world of television and creative film-making. Nicola as an award-winning journalist and presenter and Stephen as a lighting cameraman who has filmed across a huge variety of TV genres.


Together, they have an extensive list of creative associates including producers, directors, sound recordists, presenters, graphic and animation professionals and editors whom they collaborate with on client projects to ensure the best possible results.

Innovation is at the heart of the business and the team constantly strive to embrace new technology, promote diversity and find the most impactful and efficient ways to distribute engaging video content.  Never has this been more important than in recent times during the Covid crisis.  We have embraced remote camera work, live streaming and animation in a way that has developed our skills in different areas and enabled us to provide a greater range of options for our clients.

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